Welcome to the new RCBUILDS Website

Here at RCBuilds we started by doing builds for  Serpent, when they came out with a new kit we would build the car for them and do a review including stage by stage pictures and description on  www.tomhow.com, We also got info from others about any issues they had and made sure this was there for everyone to see.

Also some of the issues we found helped Serpent to change things on the car and/or in the manual.

So we decided to build a separate site here so that we could build other brands cars and do reviews also on them.

We need more car brands to contact us and also we are looking for an electronics company to provide electrics for the builds, in return advertising and featuring in each build as well as test reviews etc can be done.

So now we will feature builds of all brands should the manufacturers decide they want this, also we will add a service for other people so if they bought a kit and need it to be built we will do this for them for a small fee.

We hope you enjoy the builds and info.

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