Arrowmax Multi Aluminium Case For Screws

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This aluminium multi case available, ideal to store small parts during building, maintenance and setup work. The tray offers three compartments and build-in gauges help to measure the length and diameter of metrical fasteners and also the diameter of imperial hardware. Two pairs of 4mm and 5mm slots also take male and female bullet-type connectors during soldering. The multi case comes grey anodised and with laser-etched markings.

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Arrowmax RC Product Page

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Shipping Weight: 0.13 kgs
  • 120mm X 80mm X 18mm



You may think what a strange tool to review BUT, this parts tray is the most useful simple RC tool I have ever used.

As you know I build a fair amount of cars and also we all do a lot of maintenance to keep our cars running smoothly for each race, well this Parts tray is fantastic.

When building a new kit I used to find myself opening parts bags and measuring the length of the screws as you can get 8mm, 10mm 12mm all in the same bag, this can be a pain and takes precious time away from us  as we just want to build and test.

With the parts tray it is so easy just place the screw in the length side and straight away you can see if it is the correct screw for the job, so simple!

The same with screw diameters (metric and imperial) just a quick placement in the tray side and your done.

The soldering side is also very good, you can place the bullet male and female connectors in the correct size location and away you go.

The 3 tray sizes are just as handy, when you open your parts bags generally there are also some smaller bags inside with certain screws and bolts etc in them for a specific part of the build, you can just empty them into the smaller tray locations and put the main parts in the bigger one, again making life easier.

Improvements I would make:

The tray is great but there are always things us RC enthusiasts would add to make things better, here are my thoughts.

Main 3 trays: I would make them magnetic.

Soldering Sizer: I would make them complete holes rather than cut away, this would make soldering an even better experience.