Serpent Spyder MH kit build done

Finished the build albeit with electrics not fitted as finished. I am waiting for a new motor before soldering.

Car was great to build and cannot wait to test. 

Tony Evdoka has included some nice tips and mods you may want to use, I have used as many as I could as they made sense.

Enjoy and thank you to the sponsors. Click the picture to see the build.

Merry Christmas and builds coming

I would like to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a Healthy Wealthy Happy New Year.

Santa visited early and supplied the next three projects for us here at RCBuilds.

Serpent MM Buggy to MM conversion
Serpent MH full kit
Serpent RTR E-Truggy

Busy busy busy


THANKS to Serpent for the delivery

Serpent SRX-2 MH Upgrade and Full kit builds coming soon

Hopefully I will be receiving both the upgrade kit for the Serpent MM buggy with 4 gear laydown transmission and also the full MH kit with options like the pro shock kit front and rear, Gear diff as well as carbon shock towers. I will build the MHT (Medium High Traction) version of the kit and upgrade for high traction tracks.

Other upgrades I will use are the RudeBits behind lipo brass weight and the new R2 wing.

Tony Evdoka from SerpentUK, who is a team driver for Serpent was involved in the development process of the MH buggy and will hopefully be giving some nice build tips also. 

Should be interesting to build both and hopefully help people choose which to buy.

Sponsored by Serpent – SerpentUK – RudeBits

Serpent Project 4X Build done

The Serpent Project build has been completed and what a joy it was for me.

David Ehrbar the designer has done a fantastic job with the car, also David sent in some build tips so I have added them to the build notes.

Usual Gallery and build video gallery has been included.

Click the image to go to the build.


2 Pics a Day – Day 6

Hopefully all being well, the official website will be launched tomorrow.

Here are 2 more pictures of the amazing Project 4X car


4x_73 4x_76

Day5 of 2 Pics a Day and a surprise

Good News – Bad News

Good News: I wanted to give everybody a big plus today, so here are two more pictures and the FULL Manual for the Project 4X car.

Bad News: There has been a delay for the launch of the website, but hopefully Serpent will reveal all Thursday all being well, but until then enjoy reading the manual.

Thanks to Ronald Baar and Serpent for providing the manual.

Download the PDF NOW