2 pics a day DAY4

Website and official release are tomorrow so here are a few more pictures Front and Rear of the car



Project 4X build is next

Hi had a nice email this morning from Serpent telling me they will ship the new 1/10th EP 190mm Tourıng car called the Serpent Project 4X so next build coming, looks very different and has some innovative stuff.

Will also have some tips for the build from David Ehrbar one of the designers of the car.

Until then two sneaky pictures for you

Atomic RC AMZ BZ build done

The full build report is now done including pictures and video gallery.

Thanks goes to Atomic RC for sponsoring the build.

Click the image to see the full build.

BZ Featured

Next build Atomic RC BZ, 1/27 scale Belt Drive Touring Car

Next build coming soon. The new 1/27th scale Atomic RC BZ Belt drive 4WD Touring car.

Facebook page RC Atomic

Website: http://www.rcatomic.com/

Here is a few images of the car, I will do an unboxing, parts required list and full build video and gallery


More photos from RC Atomic

Team Xray XB2 2016 Build Done

The new Team Xray XB2 1/10th buggy was released recently so I could not resist building one, here are my build notes and the normal photos etc.

I will be racing with it next weekend so a report and video will follow.

Thanks to www.team-ncrc.com for supplying the car.

Click the picture to go to the build

xb2 Featured