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Well the build is done and I am very curious to see how the car handles on our carpet track compared to the Rear motor Spyder I have been using in the RatRace Winter Series

I am currently 5th in the series after 2 rounds and the next one is on February 15th so a long wait.

The Build:

Firstly I will say what upgrades I have fitted to the car

  1. Alu Steering rack
  2. Alu Servo Mount
  3. Vented Slipper set
  4. Alu Bulkhead
  5. Carbide diff balls
  6. A few bling orange bits just for me

Spyder MM Build 25

The build went really well, I only had one real hassle which was fitting a low profile Sanwa servo, I fitted but will change later to full size Sanwa servo. The problem we noted was that it has a slightly wider body although the lugs are fine, the servo arm position was further offset to the right so it hit the plastic bulkhead. I had to do a bit of shaving off the steering plastic ball stud cup but no big problem just a small headache.

I would like to point out that all the ball cups are different and seem to be a bit more flexible than the Rear motor kit ones from the original kit.

Also the bearings have been changed, not sure if they are improved but they look nice :-)

Diff settings for low, med or high height are now stamped on the plates of both inserts so now it is easier to know what is what.

The manual has a mistake on step 16, thanks to DanielC on RCTech forum for this info.
Step 16 shows the wrong RF hinge pin holder on the zoomed view. Go by the exploded view on step 16 and the stock setup sheet. Should be 1 down front, 2 down rear.

Also from RCTech Forum elex300 points out that in steps 25 and 29 there are 6 of m3x14 button head screws left to choose from but 2 of them have a lower profile head and a more polished finish. These are the 2 for the wing mounts in step 29.

The shock o-rings have been changed to better ones.

These are the things I have noted from the two builds.

The body is slightly longer due to the mid motor and rear shock tower, so standard RM body will not fit unless you cut it longer as I did using the semi-painted Serpent body, it looks very nice and now both my cars match.

The finished car with body:

Spyder MM Build 111


The two Spyders together:

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Build Photos:

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