Spyder SRX-2 Rear Motor Build


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Time for the much anticipated build of the new Serpent Spyder SRX2 2WD Buggy

As some people know I do a lot of website work for Serpent, so  I would of course get a Spyder SRX2 as soon as it was released, I and lots of other people out there have been waiting for the new buggy to arrive. I also do the mini-sites for Serpent which is the area for new cars that get released, you can see it at http://promo.serpent.com

Recently I did the Spyder mini site at http://promo.serpent.com/spyder and as I was doing the site so my excitement grew :-)

Finally the car arrived at work just 2 days ago (23/10/2013) I had also ordered a lot of upgrades to try different things with the car as I will race dirt and carpet.

My Option List:

411107 Ceramic Diff balls
500103 and 500106 fr/rr yellow wheels
500192 Geardiff set SRX2
500196 Upright L+R alu SRX2
500197 Servomount alu (2) SRX2
500200 Front bulkhead inserts alu (6) SRX2
500213 Spur gear 70T SRX2
500214 Spur gear 72T SRX2
500215 Spur gear 76T SRX2
500216 Spur gear 78T SRX2
500217 Spur gear 80T SRX2
500218 Spur gear 82T SRX2
500219 Spur gear 84T SRX2
500220 Spur gear 86T SRX2
500221 Spur gear 88T SRX2
500222 Shock spring silver 2.5lbs fr (2) SRX2
500223 Shock spring black 2.65 fr (2) SRX2
500224 Shock spring orange 2.87lbs fr (2) SRX2
500225 Shock spring red 3.0lbs fr (2) SRX2
500226 Shock spring pink 3.15lbs fr (2) SRX2
500227 Shock spring blue 3.4lbs fr (2) SRX2
500228 Shock spring purple 3.5lbs fr (2) SRX2
500229 Shock spring green 3.7lbs fr (2) SRX2
500230 Shock spring orange 2.0lbs rr (2) SRX2
500231 Shock spring red 2.1lbs rr (2) SRX2
500232 Shock spring pink 2.2lbs rr (2) SRX2
500233 Shock spring blue 2.3lbs rr (2) SRX2
500234 Shock spring purple 2.4lbs rr (2) SRX2
500235 Shock spring green 2.5lbs rr (2) SRX2
500236 Steeringrack alu (3) SRX2
500237 C-hub L+R alu SRX2
500244 Rear bulkhead weight SRX2
500245 Suspension bracket rr fr brass SRX2 RM
500250 Front bulkhead brass SRX2

Some of the upgrades arrived but I am waiting for the rest to be in stock and sent

I also bought some nice coutersunk washers, wing washers and Sweep rear tyres from Aytemizhobi.com

Ready in the cupboard also a fantastic super strong rear wing from Rudebits

First some Tips for you

(updated 30th October)

Please read the tips below before you build your car as there are a few things that you may or may not find helpful.

1. Always check for updated manual on the website before you begin, in the box the manual says v1 there is v2 on the website.
2. A really nice touch is all the small parts come in reusable and seal-able bags.
3. I decided in the interest of the build not to use brass bulkheads and build as standard as possible, then re build and see the difference on track.
4. Although the manual is V1 it does have step 9 – 11 in the bag as an addendum to the manual :-)
5. Also when using brown part number 500147 pivot shim conical on ball joints etc they are conical but you are not told this in the manual, so make sure you put on correctly see image below.
6. It is easy to break the plastic ball joints you could easily install the ball stud from the incorrect side of the ball joint. There are two sides to the plastic ball joint, a small side and large side so make sure you fit through the large side. So make sure you have a few ball joints in your pit box just in case.

conical washer

7. Step 7 when fitting C hubs the manual is not very clear on which way round they should be as the angle of the image does not tell you, if the steering angle is not enough you need to switch left with right c hub. See image below


8. If you don’t have a 4.5mm driver a 3/16 driver or socket will just work.
9. In step 21 there is no explanation of the larger inserts and what they or how they work, also no markings on them either. The part number is 500123 used for diff height
10. I made a spring chart, if you want it just download it :-)

Image Version of the Spring Chart Spyder SRX2 RM


Gearing Chart For Spyder


After driving here are a few tips

1.) Some people me included have come across a problem with the small alloy washers that space the bearings out on the steering assembly, what you need to do is replace them with the following parts from the Serpent Cobra 811 Be http://www.serpent.com/product/600180 see diagram below.



2.) When adjusting kick up, do not forget to order the matching pivot pin braces to go with the inserts

20 degrees

30 degrees


Fitting Narrow Carpet tyres to Spyder front  wheels

I recently had my first experience on carpet with the Spyder and bought some Proline carpet tyres, these are narrow fit so you need to do some wheel cutting to make them fit correctly see images below:

The build

For the most part it went really well, a few mistakes and glitches as is per normal but apart from my bad painting skills nothing too major.
The ball diff went together really nicely and easily.

The only upgrades I fitted were the aluminium Servo brackets and the carbide diff balls.

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