A new build of the Serpent Spyder SRX-2 Short Course Truck


I wanted to build the new Spyder SCT as the buggy versions are amazing, also we are going to introduce 2wd SCT to our races here in Turkey running 13.5t Pro Stock class, so perfect timing.

What I used:

Servo: Savox 1258TG
ESC: Fitted Speedpassion Reventon Pro
Motor: Fitted Speedpassion 7.5t
Receiver: Sanwa RX471.
Body: Serpent Kit body

NOTE: don’t forget to buy a 4.5mm Nut Driver you will need it, the Arrowmax one is awesome

Serpent official site:

More in depth info on the kit can be found on the promo site and the official product page

The Build:

This going to be the shortest ever build report, as I had no issues.

The build was flawless, easy and so quick to do, only tip I need to give is be careful when attaching plastic to plastic parts and do not over tighten screws which will rip out the plastic thread and, take your time.

I built both the ball diff and gear diff as I will be running the gear diff for carpet racing, this is the only non standard part I have used so the build is as per the manual.

The body paint scheme was inspired by Marmite or Vegemite as it is known in other countries. To see what it is go to Wikipedia. Anyway I love marmite and found some whilst on holiday here in Turkey and thought that a paint job with Marmite theme would be fun.

Spyder SRX2 SCT Build 229

My first test will be a demo day at our big 4 day race here in Istanbul where I will let others try the car to get them interested.

 Video Gallery of build

Normal Gallery of build:

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