Team Xray XB2 First Race with a new car


Race: RatRace Winter Series Round 1
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Race Class: Super Stock (13.5t no timing)
RW Racing
MKT Racing

First try with the XB2 and number 1 position so a great start, after this I made a few changes to the car, ride height 18mm front and rear also 1mm shims under front inner camber links.

Round 1: Went ok a few driver errors, car was good no need for changes, ranked 3rd in heat.
Round 2: A good round with some constant 16 second laps, a couple of errors but finished 2nd in heat.
Round 3: Was going well up to lap 12 when I got caught in a backmarker error by 2 cars, no ones fault just a racing incident so again 3rd in heat.
Overall qualifying was 5th so not great as a lot to make up from the A-Final grid.

We were running 5 in each final A,B and C so I was placed at the back of the grid with work to do.

Round 1: I was able to make my way up to 2nd place but an unfortunate back marker crash meant after the big jump I landed in the middle of the crash and lost 2nd place, just a racing incident but ended 3rd in round 1, rear tyres a bit worn so moved the battery to the rear for the next round.

Video my car is the orange car at the back:


Round 2: Made it up to 1st in lap 3 so fantastic start and then error and crash breaking the front bottom suspension eyelet, out of race.

Video my car is the orange car at the back:


Round 3: I needed to get a win, somebody was watching me from above because I managed to avoid some major carnage and drove steady to the finish line with a 19 lap race, best drive of the day for me and was good enough to be in a good position.

Video my car is the orange car at the back:


Overall result 2nd place so for first time out with a new car this was amazing, I am very happy.

Setup notes:
The setup sheet is a little confusing as I see the shims can be confusing. The conical shims fitted are 2mm so they are included in my overall settings. Example 3mm would be conical shim plus 1mm shim.
As the rear tyres got worn I moved the battery to the rear for more traction.


Setup Sheet:


RC Builds car conclusion:
I am so very happy with the way the car is so balanced and easy to drive, I need a bit more punch and a bit more on power steering so I will try a few things at the next race.

A couple of things I was not happy with, one is the softness of the allen screw heads, I wanted to change toe in and one screw (without loctite and a good 2nn driver) just rounded so I was stuck. I tried everything but had to dremel the head which in turn made horrible marks on my brand new chassis.

The other thing is very small issue, the stickers would be better if pre cut lines and I got no XB2 stickers which was disappointing.

On the actual setup sheet there is no place for notes hence this section of my report, also where the tyre type etc goes the space is not big enough to write, really needs make and type of tyre spaces.


Arno of PetitRC has devised a new editable setup sheet with loads of room for notes etc, click the link below to go to it.