TMG Speed Bling Build

Bling received 

A big thanks to David for sending the parts for a small build, David Burton is a well known top driver in the UK 10th offroad scene and has decided to make some luxury parts for all makes of cars and also some 1/8th offroad stuff.

So he sent me some stuff and I decided to do a small review of what he sent with parts fitted to the car. Visit him at and see whats available for Serpent, Associated, Yokomo, Schumacher, Xray and Mugen cars as well as some standard multi fit goodies as well.

AM-410116-BG Allen Wrench 1.5 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-410121-BG Allen Wrench 2.0 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-410126-BG Allen Wrench 2.5 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-410131-BG Allen Wrench 3.0 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-450145-BG Nut Driver 4.5 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-450150-BG Nut Driver 5.0 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-450155-BG Nut Driver 5.5 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-450170-BG Nut Driver 7.0 X 100mm Black Golden


AM-171063 Multi Alu Case For Screws (120X80X18MM) Black Golden
AM-171053 Tools Base Black Golden
AM-500902 Power Tool Tip Set 4 Pieces With Plastic Case (Metric)

Thumb Screws in Black, blue and also silver

Very lightweight and nice feel once installed to the car.

Wing Buttons

I fitted the wing buttons along with the gold screws from the set available for my car.

Shock standoffs Fr and RR

Using 5.5mm head locknuts in gold which means there is no need for a 4.5mm socket to remove. There is enough bite on the plastic of the locknut to ensure they stay put whilst having the play needed for shocks, also I fitted the gold screws.

Waterfall spacers and mod

We do a mod for the SRX-2 MH to give more space and a small amount of extra flex, I needed to remove plastic and fit the waterfall spacers to fix nicely. Also used gold screws from the bottom.

Silver Serrated Wheel Nuts

Drill bit set with hand chuck

The drill set ranges from 1.3mm – 1.8mm ideal for drilling your shock pistons, the hand chuck also has different ends for the bigger and smaller sizes in the handle and at the main end (see pictures) it also comes with a laminated colour coded card for identifying the drill sizes. A lovely bit of kit.

Reactor Pistons

These pistons have been tried and tested by the Team Serpent UK drivers and have proved to be a great advantage on bumpy tracks. The result of testing was that it was better over the bumps but also not losing jump and landing ability. They come pre drilled at 1.2mm and in 2, 3 and 4 hole versions in packs of two pistons.

Gold Screw Set

These are available for different makes and models of cars, when fitted they look real nice and also against the black plastics they stand out nicely making it easier to see. Also TMG Speed do flat washers and nuts as well as locknuts shown above.

Thanks again to David and TMG Speed for the parts, also available is custom coulored anodising just contact him for your requirements, also for bigger projects the Trout Tool Company will sort you out especially for custom requirements.

FINAL NOTE: The quality of the parts I fitted are superb and very strong. No trouble recommending to my mum even 🙂

Full Gallery including other pictures not shown above.