Serpent ERYX 3.0

The build starts

As a sponsored driver in offroad I thought I would take the opportunity to try some onroad, so I asked for the new Serpent ERYX 3.0 to build and try, we have a new local track being built right now which is only 10 minutes away from me and hopefully will soon be finished.

The package arrived the day before my birthday which was kind of nice, oh and one other thing the tracking number actually had 411 in it, which although not an amazing thing to point out, I thought it was kind of cool :-)

The Stuff I will use for Stock Class here in Turkey

Receiver: Sanwa RX 471 (supplied by Aytemizhobi)

Speed Controller: Hobbywing Just Stock (supplied by Team-NCRC)

Motor: SpeedPassion 13.5t (supplied by Team-NCRC)

Servo: Sanwa SDX 701 Low Profile (supplied by Team-NCRC)

Body: Protoform Mazda5 GX (supplied by Aytemizhobi)

Batteries: Thunder Power Lipo battery G6 Pro Race, 6000 mah, 65C (supplied by Team-NCRC)

Build notes

I finished day 1 after about 3 hours and got to finishing off to page 23 step 31 and so far the build has gone very easy with no hiccups, the only thing I found confusing was which way the suspension brackets should be positioned as it is not very clear in the manual. So I used the 0.50 markings on the rear and put them to the outside ad 1.5 on the front to the outside, thanks to Mustafa Alp in the ERYX facebook page for this help. The other little problem I had was using the spacers on the servo (orange washers) they pushed through the holes in the servo itself so I used the rubber mounts and collars that came with the Sanwa servo.

Day 2 and car is built just need to sort electrics, spray body and we are ready to go, day 2 went very smoothly only problem I had was when building shocks the collars inside have a step on them which needs to point to the bottom of the shock but the manual does not clearly show this so be careful. Apart from that there was no problems very happy and cannot wait to play :-)

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