Serpent F110 Formula 1 Build

My Build

After doing the Serpent F110 Mini-Site I decided to have them send me the car kit to build my first ever 1/10th Formula 1 car.

The first thing I needed to do was decide on electrics and body for the car.

Electrics and parts chosen:

Hobbywing Just Stock ESC

Sanwa ERS-971 Low Profile Servo for steering

LRP X20 17.5t and 21.5t motor

Tamiya Maclaren F1 body kit

Wheels Tamiya F104 Wheels set

Tyres Sweep rubber front and rear

I will use standard lipo’s but will get some shorties for it as I can use them in my buggy also.

Step 1:

Unpack the box and see what’s what :-) As per usual with Serpent the parts quality was superb.

Step 2:

Was to CA glue the Carbon parts to stop from splitting, simple and done.

Step 3:

Start the build process, I decided to take my time and do this slowly in stages so day 1 was just up to bag 3 only.

Even though I was careful I was not careful enough as in the bags were 3 different sized balls for steering and rear suspension, I got one mixed up and ended up splitting the ball cup for the steering, no biggy but annoying as hell due to the fact the manual does not tell you the sizes. That was the only issue I had with part 1 so here are the pictures of the build.