Serpent GT3.0 GP Car Build

I know this car has been out a while but when I am hoping to race the class this year here in Turkey I decided to get a new car instead of upgrading my V2 GT GP car and was offered a great deal by John Knight of Serpent Turkey to do a build of the car here. 

I have had some great fun driving the V2 GT car last year especially the close racing with John and others at our local track. I have a big grin on my face when we do a little rubbing is Racing action.

The car is a well tested platform so all the car info is on the main website and the promotion website for Serpent.

Electrics and motor etc from my V2 were used in the build.

I used the default setup that is here on Serpents website and I downloaded the latest manual also here

I also used the updated way of setting the XLi gearbox Which you can get from Serpent here

 Thanks to John Knight for the sponsorship. See you on track 🙂

 As usual a great help

 Thank you, tools are superb


AM-410116-BG Allen Wrench 1.5 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-410121-BG Allen Wrench 2.0 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-410126-BG Allen Wrench 2.5 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-410131-BG Allen Wrench 3.0 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-450150-BG Nut Driver 5.0 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-450155-BG Nut Driver 5.5 X 100mm Black Golden
AM-450170-BG Nut Driver 7.0 X 100mm Black Golden


AM-171063 Multi Alu Case For Screws (120X80X18MM) Black Golden
AM-171053 Tools Base Black Golden
AM-500902 Power Tool Tip Set 4 Pieces With Plastic Case (Metric)
Power driver
Nail file board for cleaning edges of plastics .
Digital calipers

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Let me start by saying I did not use any upgrade parts in the build everything is out of the box, for the body I use Serpent’s own body pre-painted #170311 Body 1/8 Cobra GT pre painted / pre cut, this body is ideal for a test body and having some fun races with, I will change the body for racing to the Sweep body maybe.

Anyway here are a few tips etc……

Step 1.1:

Make sure when doing up the diffs you tighten them diagonally see image below, this makes sure you tighten evenly.

When you have finished the diffs there are 4 shims left over, these will be used later in steps 9 and 19 when adjusting the gear mesh on diff and pinions.

Step 2.1:

There are 6 springs in the packet, 2 are for the gear shift point screws, these are harder ones.
When putting the 3mm grub screw in follow the instructions in the new tech tip sheet from Serpent here

Step 3:

Remember to put some one way lube on the one way bearing before assembly I used 2 drops.

Step 5.1:

Always put loctite on the brake caliper screws as they will unscrew with vibration if you don’t.

Also there are two different thickness of brake pads the thicker ones go to the outside of the assembly.

Step 6:

Make sure the smaller disk goes to the rear of the car as it will hit your motor assembly if you don’t.

Step 9:

Use shims from above as noted to adjust gear mesh. I used 2 shims on one side to give free running of mesh. But every car will differ just play around until it is free.

Step 13:

Make sure when you assemble the anti roll bars that both sides have equal drop and it is centered.

Also make sure they are even at the end of the bars as they go through the balls.

Step 15.1:

When tightening the grub screw in the axle, I use a wheel over the hex so I can tighten hard enough. So hold the wheel then tighten against it.

Step 15.2:

When installing the balls into the ends there is one side of the ends that is bigger so no forcing as you could crack the plastic ends. When installing the ball I use some Arrowmax shock pliers to squeeze them in.

Step 46 + 48:

When mounting the shocks put the bottom on first this allows you to raise the arms high enough to screw in the screw as it lines up with the driveshaft and you cannot get to it. Then fix the top end afterwards.

Step 49.2:

I put the exhaust spring mount on first as then you have room to install easier as the tank gets in the way a little and makes it awkward.

Build over:

It was a nice easy build and a lot of changes have been made from the older V2 which makes a big difference.

I tested the car on track with John Knight and some other guys driving GT Serpent cars, once I got the default setup done the car was amazingly easier to drive and was noticed by other V2 and V2.5 drivers at the track.

Our track for testing is bumpy and I will need to make some changes to shock oil but out of the box it was great to drive and noticeably quicker because of the geometry changes. Once again a big thank you to my sponsors for this build as usual.

I will be doing another page when I choose some upgrades I want to use, I have already chosen some from Marcus Williams of

I will use the following from him:

Transmission Plates

Flow Control Pistons GT Spec

Serpent Cobra slide engine mounts

Also some Serpent upgrades as follows:

#600288 Chassis brace front alu

#600289 Chassis brace rear alu

#600292 Servo lever steering 25T alu

#600330 Servo saver spring hard

#600295 Servo lever throttle 25T alu

#903630 Gearbox housing SL8 XLI

Looks like I need to start saving some money………