Next build coming Team Xray T4 2017

Hi all, I am going to race the Turkish Onroad Championship (TORC) in the 1/10th TC Stock class, running Muchmore ETS 13.5t motor and HobbyWing JustStock ESC, I contacted my long term sponsor Umut at Team-NCRC who is also the distributor for Team Xray in Turkey.

He did me a great deal and I really thank him for that, so I decided to do the build here on my site.

My first race will be at Izmir in the South of Turkey at a fantastic track where they ran a round of the Euros onroad EFRA there a few years ago.

I am hoping to build at the weekend (25th March)


Welcome aboard to our new sponsors

We are very happy to announce some new sponsors have joined us here at RCBuilds, please welcome SWORKz and MW RC Cars
And the first build will be the new SWORKz S35-3 1/8 off road nitro power pro buggy, it will be fitted with SPower nitro motor and Savox servos supplied by MW RC CARS. Build to follow soon.

Merry Christmas and builds coming

I would like to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a Healthy Wealthy Happy New Year.

Santa visited early and supplied the next three projects for us here at RCBuilds.

Serpent MM Buggy to MM conversion
Serpent MH full kit
Serpent RTR E-Truggy

Busy busy busy


THANKS to Serpent for the delivery

Serpent SRX-2 MH Upgrade and Full kit builds coming soon

Hopefully I will be receiving both the upgrade kit for the Serpent MM buggy with 4 gear laydown transmission and also the full MH kit with options like the pro shock kit front and rear, Gear diff as well as carbon shock towers. I will build the MHT (Medium High Traction) version of the kit and upgrade for high traction tracks.

Other upgrades I will use are the RudeBits behind lipo brass weight and the new R2 wing.

Tony Evdoka from SerpentUK, who is a team driver for Serpent was involved in the development process of the MH buggy and will hopefully be giving some nice build tips also. 

Should be interesting to build both and hopefully help people choose which to buy.

Sponsored by Serpent – SerpentUK – RudeBits

Project 4X build is next

Hi had a nice email this morning from Serpent telling me they will ship the new 1/10th EP 190mm Tourıng car called the Serpent Project 4X so next build coming, looks very different and has some innovative stuff.

Will also have some tips for the build from David Ehrbar one of the designers of the car.

Until then two sneaky pictures for you

Next build Atomic RC BZ, 1/27 scale Belt Drive Touring Car

Next build coming soon. The new 1/27th scale Atomic RC BZ Belt drive 4WD Touring car.

Facebook page RC Atomic


Here is a few images of the car, I will do an unboxing, parts required list and full build video and gallery


More photos from RC Atomic

The Next few builds coming soon

I will have three more cars to build over the next few months thanks to Serpent

The all new Serpent F110 SF2 1/10th F1 Pancar

The all new S120 LTR 1/12th Pancar

The all new Spyder SRX-4 1/10th 4WD buggy

I cannot wait for these to land on my doorstep……