G-Force X Weight Gauge Review


Supplied by Umut Turkay from

team ncrc big

Here my first test of the new G Force X Weight Gauge or scales:

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Original Pictures:

Box Opening:

So I studied the box and took photos and very aesthetic looking and clean.

When opening you first see the printed manual which shows you everything you need to know about settings and calibration etc, under the instructions was a nicely wrapped set of digital scales, next pull the flap up and you can see the scales and lead to run of an external battery.

Test Run:

When I started to plugin I realised all the separate scales are colour coded so nice and easy, I also decided to use a shorty battery I had to power the unit.

If there are no scales attached the unit lights up showing zero’s everywhere then starts to flash. Connect the scales and then power on and you are set.

I switched of the unit to place my buggy on top of the correct scales and then when I was happy turned the unit on and saw my first result, it was not far off but with a bit of tweaking I got the balance exactly how I wanted it to be.

See the images below of before and after.


As we say in the UK “It does what it says on the tin” I had no issues and found very easy to use, if you want to set your car up after changing setup just grab the scales and re-check your weight and balance. Perfect tool for the job intended.