Tenshock X812 2450kv motor test on Serpent GTe

Tenshock X812

I tested the Tenshock X812 2450KV brushless motor on Sunday in my Serpent Cobra GTe, unfortunately my local track had a political election rally so I could not use that track, I went to a track that I have never used before and the car setup was not good for it.

I had no grip what so ever and it was very bumpy. I wanted to get the video done so I asked another driver to drive the car who knew the track well.

Although the handling was not good on the car the same cannot be said for the Tenshock motor, it was superb with plenty of torque and the speed was amazing, the outside temp was 26 degrees so, first I put a 19t pinion with settings on the HobbyWing esc at punch level 2 and 11.25 degrees timing, also I unplugged the sensor cable as this would help the motor run cooler as advised by Gerri at Tenshock, once that was done we started the video.

The car ran very well except the poor handling on this track. The temperature of the motor was around 100 degrees when we finished the run which was fine.

Time for some setup changes

After the video was done I set about trying to get some grip on the car as I still had a little time left before the horrible journey back home, I changed the front tyres to 50’s (Sweep) and rear tyres to 45’s, changed the sway bars front and rear to 2.3mm (upgraded sway bars not standard ones) I then took the car out on track to see what was what and Oh My God the car had so much grip it could now use the cars motor to its full potential, it was transformed from a good car to a completely different car altogether. I was having so much fun and could not stop smiling.

Rear Tyres Front Tyres

When my run was finished I checked the motor temp and it was a bit too high as after it stopping and me returning to the pits it was at 110 degrees so obviously now the car was setup correctly this was too much so I will return to my usual track next week hopefully and use a 18t pinion which should do the trick, the tyre wear was perfect so I am happy to now just tweek the pinion and ESC settings.

Now who will be a distributor here in Turkey for these awesome motors

Video: remember this is not with good handling car