DroneFrames DRQ v2 Build

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After building my first quadcopter I learned so much so the nice guys at Droneframes sent me the new version of the DRQ v2 quadcopter, it is not yet for sale and there were no build instructions so I set about organizing parts and started a build.

Parts Used:

I used the following:

DroneFrames DRQ v2 Frame
Sunnysky X2207S KV2100 Brushless Motor x 4
ZTW 25A SimonK Loaded ESC x 4
Naze32 Flight Controller
Taranis Plus radio
D4R-II 2.4G 4CH ACCST receiver
600TVL Sony Super Had ccd d-wdr Color Board Camera with OSD Menu
Eachine TS5823 5.8G 200mW 32CH AV Transmitter Module

Parts Gallery:

Build Notes:

The quad chassis can be configured in a few ways from what I discovered, using a gopro style camera in the low position and fpv camera on top which was the setup I went with or fpv in the front middle of the frame and a gopro style camera on top. I used a metal frame for my fpv camera on top, this way the angle can be adjusted easily.

Problems I had were very few, just need to be able to set the angle of the recording camera which maybe I could do easier but not sure yet.

I put the chassis together loosley first to see what space was where and then take some measurements to be able to solder the electrics up tidily.

It all went together very easily for me and I directly soldered connections to the motors after cutting the wires to length, this is a tidier way and also gives less voltage loss that işf you used bullet connectors.

I was very excited to see the quad fly and my good friend and amazing pilot Evren Eşbe (checkout his youtube channel for some amazing flight footage) was to be my test pilot and also he did the pid settings, the first flight we had a lot of vibrations, so he landed and adjusted and 2nd flight was perfect. Amazing to see it fly with no issues.

Flight Test:

Now it is time to get some lessons 🙂

I would like to thank DroneFrames for sending the frame and I hope to build more very soon, looking at maybe a 150 or 360 next depending on funds for all the electrics.

Video Gallery of build:

Gallery of Build: