FlexyBee Quad Racer 250 Build

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Why did I do this project?

I needed something new to keep my brain working so after seeing some quad racer action when I was practising with my new car and talking with Can Duran I decided to build one, luckily for me a friend called Serdar Aytemiz had bought parts to build and decided he had too much work to build one, so I swapped an RC Car for his parts, job done and challenge accepted.

Watch this and tell me you don’t want to:

Enough Said I think 🙂

The Chassis / Frame:


FlexyBee from TGA Frames

The chassis/frame is a FlexyBee chassis/frame from a manufacturer here in Turkey called TGA Frames , I contacted Gökay at TGA Frames.
The chassis/frame is also available from:
United States: ReadyMadeRC
Singapore: Drone Matters
Turkey: Eren Hobi

A few words from the website about the frame spec:
FlexyBee is a 250 size racer quadcopter frame that offers a different flight experience with it’s innovative design and material, different from all other designs currently available on the market. Special injection plastic makes it strong and rigid for flight and flexible enough for crash. That’s why it is called the FlexyBee!

Features and Spec:
Product Size Wheelbase 280 mm
Material Injection Mold Polycarbonate plastic
Motor Size 12-16mm M2 / 19 mm M3 (18xx~22xx Motors)
Propeller Size 5~6″ Propeller
Flight Controller Size 35~50 mm (Compatible with Naze32, CC3D, Multiwii, KK 2.0 LCD, Mini KK etc.)
Fpv Camera Size 25~38 mm
Record Camera Size Front: Gopro3&4 with max 5″ Propeller without vibration isolation – Top: Gopro3&4 – Mobius etc. with vibration isolation camera mount
Battery Size Max Length: 115mm – Width: 35mm – Height: 37mm ( up to 3-4S 2200 Mah)
Dry Weight 180 Gram (including PDB) Assembled Kit
Power Distribution Board 4x motor out max 20 amp. 3 Extra out for Led & video etc.
Status Unassembled Kit
Color Option Transparent – Black

I opted for the transparent one just for something different, the chassis was complete no parts missing so big plus point there as we know that does not always happen. during the build I put it together and took it apart a few times to make sure everything fitted where it needed to, there were no problems with doing this and the frame as you can see is very light and so much room for all components it made it very easy for me to build especially as a newbie to this new scene.

The other great thing is that spares are readily available here in Turkey so huge plus point for me and I always like to help local companies where ever possible by buying from them. Hopefully there will be more stuff to build from TGA Frames later 🙂

Box Opening Gallery:


Flexybee Transparent Chassis from TGA Frames in Turkey, I bought all extras including extra set of screws

Afro ESC 12Amp Ultra Lite Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (Flashed to BHeli)
Afro ESC USB Programming Tool
Quanum MT Series 2204 2300KV Brushless Multirotor Motor 

Powerboard for Flexybee
AcroFlight Naze32 AbuseMark FunFly Controller (flashed to CleanFlight)
Main battery I will use is from MKT Racing 2200 35C 3s Flight Lipo but I am waiting for delivery, until then I will use GENS ACE 2200mAh 30C 3S 11.1V RC LiPo Battery

5×3.0 Diatone
5×4.5 GemFan
6×4.5 THuG

Skyzone FPV Goggles 5.8GHz Dual Diversity 32CH Receiver (V2) 
Fatshark ImmersionRC 5.8GHz Circular Polarized SpiroNet Antennas
Fatshark Lipo 1000mah battery for goggles
TX58-800 5.8Ghz 32CH 800mW Video Transmitter *** changing to TS5823 5.8GHz 200MW 32-Channel Audio/Video Transmitter see notes below
Fatshark 600TVL High Resolution FPV Tuned CMOS Camera

As I already had an old Turnigy 9x I decided to use it as if I do not like this then it saves initial cost 🙂

*** Onboard video camera recorder – Xiaomi Yi Sport Cam Action Camera Ambarella A7LS WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 16.0MP 1080P Action Sport DV (White)

Gallery of Equipment Used:

Build Notes:
FlexyBee Chassis:
1.) I changed all metal screws for allen head bolts as I prefer the feel and not as easy to chew up with an Allen Driver, this was a personal choice
2.) After putting the battery strap and the power board and Flight control board on the chassis, I fitted the battery and it was resting on the plastic screw heads, I didn’t like this so I chose to use two stick soft pads, they sat higher than the screw heads and the battery gripped it better.
3.) Standard Afro 12am ESC’s flight controller leads did not reach for the two rear esc’s so I had to lengthen them, no big deal but I hate soldering with a passion.
4.) Hopefully a camera mount will come from TGA Frames for the popular Xiaomi Yi Sport Cam until then I fashioned a camera mount for the Quad from a backplate of Hero2 and 2 x velcro straps, works really well see the photos, amazing what a dremel can do 🙂

Here are some pictures showing my quick and dirty mod:

One of the biggest challenges for me was soldering I Hate Soldering 🙁 Now I am happy as my soldering skills are now better and I have no issues with it anymore 🙂

The other big challenge was setting the Turnigy 9X Transmitter up but with the help of various videos (see below) I managed it on the second try, I have also included my setup below.

Halfway though the build I met with some friends and got a small hover test going with Evren here is a very short video:

I discovered a sound issue with the Xiaomi camera:

Xiaomi Yi Sport Cam interference Wifi problem with sound.
With this camera while you have WiFi switched on there is interefernce with the sound, not a problem for FPV but the simple fix can be found at http://elproducente.com/post/118800241659/xiaomi-yi-sound-problem

Here is a video of the interference (have sound up full while watching)
With WiFi on

With Wi-Fi off

Final notes: Changes I will make:

1.) Video transmitter is too powerful and draws too many amps also gets too hot so changing to TS5823 5.8GHz 200MW 32-Channel Audio/Video Transmitter (http://www.banggood.com/buy/TS5823.html)
2.) I have changed the camera mount for the Xiaomi Yi slightly heavier, made from back plate of Hero2 and some velcro straps, it is solid

3.) I will also fit an OSD so I can see flight time and battery voltage left.

Programming for Escs:
downloaded BHeli (had help from Evren) v14.0.0.2 search
flashed esc’s to 12amp v13.2


Programming for Naze32
Used Cleanflight as there are a lot of knowledgeable guys here using the same, download from google apps
you can download latest manual here Currently we have set PID to use MultiWii but there are different modes like Luxfloat you can use.


Radio Settings Turnigy 9x for quad:
Set type to Acro
Stick Set – Mode2 for me
Throttle reverse no (had to go back and reverse it)

Receiver wiring to Naze32:
Receiver Channel settings On Flight control board

Ch1 – Aileron (3 pin with – and + – + and Pin 1
Ch2 – Elevator Pin 2
Ch3 – Throttle pin 5
Ch4 – Rudder Pin 6
Aux 1 and 2 Pins 7 and 8

Naze32 FlightBoard Config notes:

Any + middle pin on Flight controller 5 – 8 is 5v so use + and – to connect to it.
Also run BEC signal + and – to motor 1 only with board, the other motors need only signal

Quad X Motor settings for any quad racer are as follows
Motor 1 on board = rear right on quad rotation CW
Motor 2 on board = front right on quad rotation CCW
Motor 3 on board = rear left on quad rotation CCW
Motor 4 on board = front left on quad rotation CW

In conclusion:

I enjoyed the challenge of this build and I know it will not be my last, oh crap that means more RC money to earn 🙂
Flight test very soon I hope, I will ask my friend Evren to check and fine tune for me which is the best situation to be in as then someone who knows what they are doing can test the Quad and then I know I will have only the steep learning curve of flying to learn.

Newbie Guide started with a shopping list for my parts:

Thanks to all my friends and sponsors for their help and advice:

Sponsors: MKT Racing
Sponsors: Arrowmax RC 

Friends old and new:

Serdar Aytemiz – Advice and parts
Can Duran – for getting me interested
Evren – Advice and tuning
Stefan Jansson – Advice
Mert Bilaloglu – Advice
Gökay Akdoru – Advice and TGA Frames

A list of useful URL’s I used:

Home of the FlexyBee
FlexyBee Forum
3D printer accessories you can make for FlexyBee
Banggood online shop for parts
Great wealth of info for Quad Racers
FPV Build
Great info on the Xiaomi Camera
FPV Free Rider an excellent sim for Quad Racer 250, free version and paid version crash the sim not your quad
Thug Props
Flite Test | Naze 32 Board Setup
Excellent info for buying the right stuff
Great info on wiring up FPV system
Loads of info for setting up Turnigy 9x
How to fly


First test flight for real:

Build Photo Video Gallery:

Build Photo Gallery: