Newbie Quad Racer Guide Part 1

Guide to building a first Quad Racer 250 size:

This guide is the whole truth and nothing but the truth guide from a never flown before or built normal (ish) person.

The intentions of this guide is to help people who like me were a little bit confused and unsure as how to build a quad racer, I have made many rookie mistakes and I decided to let others benefit from my errors (sometimes very costly ones)

So here goes.

Explanation of FPV- Quite simply put, when you play a video game (shooter or other) you are the player and you get what you would see if it was real, the same applies with an FPV quad, it is as if you are flying and your eyes are at the front of the quad. Here is an FPV view that you would see (this is from front mounted gopro or Xiaomi camera).

OK so hope that is clear, if not use my contact page to ask any questions.

First thing Shopping List in two categories – Non FPV and Full FPV: I will use or original manufacturer etc as example buy links that is not necessarily where I got all mine from but easy for this guide. Also don’t forget to add postage 🙂

NON FPV: meant to get you flying but without FPV (First Person View) all prices were correct as at 01/08/2015

Radio or TX: FrSky 2.4G ACCST Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter With X8R Receiver on – Price $250.99 (when I bought)

Cheaper Radio: The Turnigy 9xr with frysky module from Hobbyking – Price module $40.00    Price Radio $70   (note you will need to modify to fit to radio) Total $110

Chassis/frame: I recommend the TGA Frame FlexyBee for one reason strong and easy to build as a first quad racer 250. Buy with all options – Price $40

Notes about frame choices:

There are too many frames on the market. New users can get confused about this. The best frames are made from pure carbon but prices are over $100.00

G10 frames are heavier and more fragile than carbon ones. Most frames are made with carbon and g10 hybrid.

G10 Hybrid Frames Look like carbon but the inner layers are G10.

Follow this rule, If the frame price is under $50.00 then the frame material is hybrid Chinese carbon.

My main reasons for my choosing the FlexyBee is as follows:

Optimum price and durability. (crashes wil happen for me)

Replacement part support with cheap prices.

The TGA Frame FlexyBee is different than most. It is a cheaper price and better strength than the hybrid carbons.

All replacement parts available with cheap prices.

Different design.

ESC’s: (electronic speed controller) Afro ESC 12Amp Ultra Lite Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (SimonK Firmware) Version 3. These talk to the motors to control speed and listen to the signal sent by the Flight Control Board (brain of your quad). you will need 4 and buy with BEC (battery eliminator curcuit) from price – $9.99 x 4 = $39.96

Afro ESC USB Programming Tool: You will need this to programme your ESC’s Afro ESC USB Programming Tool from – Price $6.95 x1

Motors: DYS BE 1806 2300 kv Motors are very important to get the right ones to start, buy from you will need x4  – Price $9.79 x 4 = $39.16

Flight Control Board: (brains of your computer) AfroFlight Naze32 Acro AbuseMark FunFly Controller – Soldered version (Horizontal Pin) from – Price $29.99 x 1

PDB: (Power Distribution Board) this feeds quad with power etc, use the optional one for FlexyBee already added to price of chassis above.

Lipo Voltage Buzzer: Lipo Battery Low Voltage Tester 1S-8S Buzzer Alarm, this will warn you when your battery is low voltage so you can return safely. on it sells as a pack of 2 which is great as when you crash you will maybe need a spare one. – Price $7.99 x1

LED’s: Not necessary but nice to have a minimum of front and rear to help you with front and rear of quad in normal and night time light. LED Decoration Board Strip 3S from remember to choose different colours for front and back, example front green red rear – Price $1.90 x 4 = $7.60

Wiring and cables: There is a lot of soldering you will need to do with the build, here is a list of cable you will need as well as any plugs you will need and what for.

  1. For connecting battery – Wire 14awg red and black 1m $1.51 each so total $3.02
  2. XT60 connector for battery power board connection 5 Pair set so for battery and for supply from quad PDB from – Price $4.69
    Note: You will use the the male connector on the quad and female connectors on your batteries.
  3. To connect LED’s, esc wires etc use 60cm Female 22AWG Twisted (10pcs/bag) from I would by 2 x set – Price $3.79 x 2 = $7.58

Battery: 3s Battery with 1800mah will be enough to start flying, you may want to buy a few, I always have 3 if I can, one in the quad, one charged, one charging this is just my personal preference. Anyway batteries – Gens ace 1800mAh 11.1V 40C 3S1P or similar – Price $25

Props: You will need a few sets of these as you will crash often and they will be the first thing to break. I would say go with something like GemFan 5″ x 4.5″ get two colours again as then example green for front and orange for rear but your decision. So example:from this is one set so I would buy a minimum of 5 sets. 2 Pairs Gemfan 5045 ABS CW/CCW Propeller For Mini Quadcopter 250 Frame  – Price $2.12 x 5 = $10.60

Tools: You will need a good soldering iron with a fine point and also a flat point, although I only use the fine point. Find a soldering iron that will heat to 375 degrees or more to work with the soldering jobs you will need to do. Price will vary

Total cost of Quad will be $222.54 plus FrySky radio $250.99 = grand total $473.53 plus postage

Total cost of Quad will be $222.54 plus Turnigy 9XR radio $110 = grand total $332.54 plus postage

FULL FPV (first person view): (just add to above list) just so we are clear this would not be the best and not the cheapest but a good start (see notes below for cheapest)

Goggles: Below are 2 sets of equally as good goggles but they both offer different features, just click here to see comparisons on Google.

  1. FPV Goggles Choice 1: Fatshark Dominator V2 FPV Goggles Video Glasses 600 X 480 VGA from $374.99
  2. FPV Goggles Choice 1: SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles 5.8G 32CH Head Tracing Glasses from $364.99
  3. FPV Cheap System: Quanum Complete FPV Bundle Set w/ Goggles, 5.8GHz 32ch Video TX & RX, CP Antennas and Camera from is cheap at $83.29 all you will need is a battery to power it 1300mah 3s would work nicely.

Lipo for Goggles: Fatshark 7.4V 1000mAh Li-Po Battery $21.99 from

FPV Camera: Fatshark 600TVL CMOS V1 Fixed Mount FPV Camera NTSC PAL from $41.89

Video Transmitter: Skyzone TS5823 5.8G 200mW 32CH AV Transmitter Module from $20.59

Action Camera: For filming flights in full HD for playback later. Original XiaoMi Yi Ambarella A7LS BSI CMOS WIFI Sports Action Camera from $67.07

UPGRADES if Needed:

Antenna: Fatshark ImmersionRC SpiroNet 5.8GHz RHCP Antenna TX RX Set from $38.99

Lenses: If you need glasses for distance far away viewing you will need to buy these – Fatshark FPV Goggles Diopter Lens Set of -2 -4 -6 Corrective Lenses from $15

Total without upgrades: $526.53 with Fatshark goggles or $516.53 with Skyzone goggles

Total with DIY goggles no upgrades is : $150.35 plus suitable battery. Plus postage

So Grand total of full set including Quad and FPV is $623.88 Cheap DIY Goggle set – $990.06 SkyZone Set – $1000.06 Fatshark Set PLUS POSTAGE

NOTE: Of course you can buy cheaper by searching but this is a guide not a gospel 🙂