Change chassis and bulkhead on Serpent RM SRX-2

I received the new chassis, bulkhead and front bumper for the Spyder RM car, the chassis had never broken for me but I thought I would replace anyway.

It is a 20 minute job to replace them all so I thought I would just do a few photos to show you with a description.

The parts just seem to be a stronger material and no other differences that I can tell, my bumper was broken as you can see from the images.


First remove battery clamp and retaining nuts and screws, then remove sticky pads from your speed controller and receiver. Remove the antenna and retaining grub screw.

Front of chassis:

Step 1: unscrew 2 screws from front bulkhead

Step 2: unscrew 6 screws from underneath (2 for servo and 4 for bulkhead and bumper.)

Attach to new chassis, front done.

Rear of chassis:

Step 1: remove 2 screws from front of rear bulkhead

Step 2: remove 4 screws from underneath

Re-attach to new chassis, rear done chassis finished.

Replacing front bulkhead:

I did this after doing chassis replacement.

Step 1 remove two front tie rods and spacers

Step 2: remove shock tower screws x 4

Step 3: remove front bumper screws x 2

Step 4: remove hidden screw underneath which screws into bulkhead and has the little grub screw to remove.

Step 5: fit new bulkhead and bumper.