Removing RC Tyres

A quick guide and video to show people how to remove your tyres from your RC Car, this will work for any wheel and tyre regardless of scale.

First some important notes:

  1. Always do this in a well ventilated area, I do it outside on my balcony.
  2. Always wear protective gloves
  3. Test a wheel first with some acetone as some wheels out there get messed up, just rub some acetone on part of a wheel, if it goes tacky do not do this process.
  4. If you want to save tyres just do not cut tyres as in the first step.

What you need:

  • 5 litres of 100% acetone
  • Protective gloves
  • Seal-able container
  • A ventilated area to do this in

The 10 Steps:

Step 1: cut the tyres down the middle and remove your inserts, this way they can be re-used. Always pair up the inserts so when you use them again they are matched.

Step 2: I always trim the remainder of the tyres so I can fit more wheels in my container easily, you do not have to do this.

Step 3: Fill your seal-able container with enough acetone to cover the wheels, in the video I used 4 litres as I had a load to do.

Step 4: Place wheels in the container and make sure they are covered by the acetone.

Step 5: Cover the container with its lid.

Step 6: Wait 24 hours.

Step 7: 24 hours later remove lid and slide of the tyres from the wheels.

Step 8: Wash all wheels with hot soapy water, not needed but I like to clean mine a bit more.

Step 9: Remove any tyre bits from the acetone and use a funnel to put back into the acetone bottle ( I use a funnel with a filter in it to catch any bits)

Step 10: Think about how much money you just saved ????

After two days

Video Instruction: