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Team Xray T4 2017 First race

TORC (Turkey Onroad Racing Championship) Round 1 Date: 29-30 April 2017 Class: Stock 10th onroad EP touring cars Location: Izmir, EFMOD Club track. Car: Team Xray T4 2017 ( Introduction: Due to no offroad race series this year I decided to join the Stock EP class and see if I enjoyed it. I have only […]

Small update for the Xray T4

I have now finished the electrics/body and fitted some options and needed parts for stock class racing Fitted #293501 servo arm with 9mm (#302201) spacer to get similar exponential on the steering Fitted #306191 T4 graphite + alu fully adjustable battery holder. This system allows the weight biase to be adjusted forwards and backwards, also […]

Build of Team Xray T4 2017 DONE

I have just completed the build of the new Team Xray T4 2017 model, I will be racing in this years Stock TC class so I will add more as I go. But to see the build report please click the image below

Next build coming Team Xray T4 2017

Hi all, I am going to race the Turkish Onroad Championship (TORC) in the 1/10th TC Stock class, running Muchmore ETS 13.5t motor and HobbyWing JustStock ESC, I contacted my long term sponsor Umut at Team-NCRC who is also the distributor for Team Xray in Turkey. He did me a great deal and I really […]

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