Small update for the Xray T4

I have now finished the electrics/body and fitted some options and needed parts for stock class racing

Fitted #293501 servo arm with 9mm (#302201) spacer to get similar exponential on the steering
Fitted #306191 T4 graphite + alu fully adjustable battery holder. This system allows the weight biase to be adjusted forwards and backwards, also sideways so a good tuning aid.
Fitted correct spur (100t 64p) and pinion (42t 64p) for stock class.
Fitted #302525 alu dual servo saver arm
Fitted #303804 rear 1.4mm anti rollbar

Only one thing left to fit and it has been ordered, I found the body needs adjusting height wise so I ordered #301351 x 2 sets alu adjustable body post stops which enables body height fine adjustment.

All on the build page as an update.

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