TMG Speed Bling fitted and reviewed

A sign of the times is that I have not received any build projects of late.

I am pleased to tell you TMG Speed – Have sent me some goodies for my SRX2 MH

Some nice bling and also some nice tools for future builds

I will do a small report and pictures as per usual. Thanks to

for supplying the bits and of course the owner David Burton –

Click the image to see the review

Small update for the Xray T4

I have now finished the electrics/body and fitted some options and needed parts for stock class racing

Fitted #293501 servo arm with 9mm (#302201) spacer to get similar exponential on the steering
Fitted #306191 T4 graphite + alu fully adjustable battery holder. This system allows the weight biase to be adjusted forwards and backwards, also sideways so a good tuning aid.
Fitted correct spur (100t 64p) and pinion (42t 64p) for stock class.
Fitted #302525 alu dual servo saver arm
Fitted #303804 rear 1.4mm anti rollbar

Only one thing left to fit and it has been ordered, I found the body needs adjusting height wise so I ordered #301351 x 2 sets alu adjustable body post stops which enables body height fine adjustment.

All on the build page as an update.

Build of Team Xray T4 2017 DONE

I have just completed the build of the new Team Xray T4 2017 model, I will be racing in this years Stock TC class so I will add more as I go.

But to see the build report please click the image below

Build of the Serpent GT3.0 GP 8th car done

I know this car has been out a while but when I am hoping to race the class this year here in Turkey I decided to get a new car instead of upgrading my V2 GT GP car and was offered a great deal by John Knight of Serpent Turkey to do a build of the car here. 

I have had some great fun driving the V2 GT car last year especially the close racing with John and others at our local track. I have a big grin on my face when we do a little rubbing is Racing action.

See the build page below.

SWORKz new S35-3 1/8th Offroad buggy build done

I was approached by SWORKz to build the all new S35-3 1/8th offroad buggy, also sponsored by MW RC Products with SPower Nitro motor and exhaust system as well as Savox servos.

I am really thankful for the sponsored build and I enjoyed it a lot, I have included over 260 images as well as a lot of help and tips as I went through the build.

Click below to go to the build.

Serpent Spyder SDX4 Build Done

Finished the build albeit without ESC as waiting for it to arrive on race day. 

The car comes with with a ton of nice extras as standard and was a pleasure to build and cannot wait to test next weekend on a carpet track medium grip. 

This time I have worked with Tony Evdoka and both of us have included some nice tips and warnings.

Enjoy and thank you to the sponsors. Click the picture to see the build.

Serpent Spyder MH kit build done

Finished the build albeit with electrics not fitted as finished. I am waiting for a new motor before soldering.

Car was great to build and cannot wait to test. 

Tony Evdoka has included some nice tips and mods you may want to use, I have used as many as I could as they made sense.

Enjoy and thank you to the sponsors. Click the picture to see the build.

Serpent Project 4X Build done

The Serpent Project build has been completed and what a joy it was for me.

David Ehrbar the designer has done a fantastic job with the car, also David sent in some build tips so I have added them to the build notes.

Usual Gallery and build video gallery has been included.

Click the image to go to the build.